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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What types of home decor items do you accept?

In addition to furniture, we accept most interior decor items such as draperies, rugs, wall decor, lamps, mirrors, baskets, and seasonal items.  We do not accept mattresses or baby furniture. 


2.  What do you mean by gently pre-owned?

We accept any furniture or home decor items that appear to be in good to like new condition.  We will not accept any items that have been damaged by rips, tears, puncture, fading, stains, or odors.​

3.  Do you offer delivery?

Yes, both delivery and pickup are available!

4.  Do I need an appointment to bring items to the store?

No, no appointment is required.  Come see us any time the store is open Monday - Saturday.  If the item is large or you are unsure if the item will be accepted, please feel free to email a picture or give us a call.


Consignment Tips

Before bringing your items in to be consigned prepare them for market.  Most consignment stores display your items just as they receive them.  Prepare your items to be displayed in Encore's 5,000 sq ft showroom. The cleaner and newer looking the item, the more desirable it will be to a potential buyer.  If they have been displayed in your home for a long time or packed up in storage they will most likely have an accumulation of dust.  The cleaner the item is the more desirable it will be to a buyer. Often times a buyer will disregard an item because it is dirty. It is just like anything you sell, you want it to look as presentable as possible.

Touching up a wood piece with touch up stain or paint can make a big difference in its appearance.  A little polish or wax goes a long way.  They make wonderful furniture markers that can be purchased in a variety of stain colors at most home improvement stores.

Clean out the drawers of dressers, desks, armoires, etc. Take the drawers out and look behind them.  Wipe or vacuum out the inside of each drawer.

If you are consigning an upholstered item vacuum it thoroughly.  Take each cushion off and vacuum underneath and in the crevasses.   

Double check that all lamps, clocks, and other electronic items are in working condition with new lightbulbs, batteries, etc.

Bring in any sales receipts, tags, invoices or instructions that accompany your item.

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