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What is Consignment?

How to Consign

The Contract

Consignment is the process of a seller (consignor) hiring someone (a consignee) to sell merchandise, usually in a consignment shop. For larger merchandise (furniture, rugs, large artwork, etc) Encore asks to see pictures of the items first to determine if the items are something we would be interested in. If someone is not able to email pictures, they are welcome to stop in the store with photos. For smaller items like decorative accessories, Encore asks that pictures be provided first or that the items be brought to the store for evaluation.  While appointments are not required, Encore does ask that the consignor understand that on any given day, 5-10 people ask us to take only one item without an appointment and it can create difficulty in the store. 

Pricing is determined with research, our knowledge of previous sales and working with the consignor. Determining factors for assessing value are age, condition, and current relevance along with the market for that category. We will not take merchandise that we feel is overpriced or in poor condition or that we feel will not sell within the term of the agreement. Our ultimate goal is to use our knowledge about our market to price items properly so that they sell in the first 30 days they are here. That does not mean underpricing. We are very aware that we are trying to gain the best price for an object for the consignor, however, when items are overpriced they tend to sit and go through their contract reductions which ultimately leads to a lower sale price which means less to our consignor as well as the store. Proper, aggressive pricing is the most profitable for both Encore and our consignors.

We do create a contract for consignment. Our consignment contracts are very clear without any fine print. Unfortunately, many people do not read it and don't realize that the terms of the contract are very important. For example, there is an expiration to the contract and any merchandise left beyond expiration becomes the property of the store. There are automatic mark downs in price over time. Checks for the previous month’s sales are always available on the 10th of the month for pick up at the store or mailed (if agreed upon by Encore & consignor).

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